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Bring your keys into order – and do so with style. SERSAR has everything you need. Discover our unique keychains made of real leather! Our leather keychains are the perfect everyday accessory and take your key collection to the next level. The high-quality accessory is also perfect as a gift. Have you been wanting to buy a key ring for a long time but haven't found the right one yet? Then we have the solution! Like all SERASAR products, our key rings for men are a noble combination of genuine cowhide leather and rust-proof brushed stainless steel. Quality that you not only see, but also feel on the key ring! The leather is absolutely tear-resistant and thanks to the high-quality workmanship, you don't have to worry about the ring becoming detached from the leather strap at some point. One worry less! Its simple, elegant design will definitely attract curious glances. The big black ring is quite large - after all, it's supposed to be an eye-catcher. However, we know that this is not always practical because many keys are too small and cannot be threaded into this large ring. But hey, we thought about it and found the perfect solution! The pendant is still suitable for everyday use: With the 3 small extra rings that we send along, you have space for all your keys! Of course, more extra rings can be attached to the trailer if necessary. This is how we combine style with pragmatism! No matter whether you buy the leather key ring for yourself or for others, the first impression will be good! The stylish leather pendant comes in a great gift box that elegantly presents the contents. The ring can be easily removed from the leather strap and attached to another SERASAR leather lanyard. This means you can even change the color every day without much effort and always have an accessory that perfectly matches your look. Thanks to the wide range of models, there is something for every taste - from colorful and eye-catching to timelessly elegant and subtle. You can choose between 10 different models so there is something for everyone! The perfect gift for you and others!