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Article: Style guide: combine men's accessories correctly

Styleguide: Herren-Accessoires richtig kombinieren

Style guide: combine men's accessories correctly

They can round off your outfit, underline your own style and give you visual pleasure: There are many accessories for men - and they ensure that your look is anything but boring. We'll show you which seven tips are important when choosing accessories and combining them in your outfit.

  1. First the outfit, then the accessories

As important as accessories are and as much styling flexibility as they give you, you should first select the items of clothing for your look and then match the accessories to them. Once you decide what bracelet or belt to wear, it's much harder to choose jeans and a shirt to go with it than the other way around.

So deal with the outfit in the first step and then focus on the accessories. Consider whether you want to make a statement with a statement piece or create a subtle addition with a simple watch. In order to be equipped for all occasions and intentions, it is advisable to have enough accessories to choose from. Pay attention to good quality - because regardless of style and occasion, only high-quality accessories ensure a really good look.

  1. Accessories to suit the occasion

There are occasions when a tie is still considered an essential accessory. At other events you would be pretty wrong. When choosing your look, pay attention to whether it is a formal or more casual date, whether you want to appear particularly serious or rather stylish. There are accessories for every style.

When making your selection, you can roughly follow the tip that you should choose subtle colors and patterns for formal occasions. The freer you are in your selection, the more colorful and eye-catching the accessories can be. At business events, you can also use jewelry such as bracelets in addition to classic accessories such as watches and belts. Make sure that it is a suitable design and that it is made of high-quality materials - such as this bracelet from SERASAR, which, with its black simplicity, actually suits all occasions.

  1. The leather should match the leather

You can always wear high-quality leather accessories. The most important thing is to pay attention to good quality and professional workmanship - but the combination of the individual pieces is also important. If your shoes are black, you should also wear a black belt and ideally a black leather bracelet.

It is helpful if you start with the shoes when choosing accessories. Once you have decided on a pair and a leather color, this will determine the rest of the style. If you wear a watch with a leather strap, it should also match your shoes and belt if possible. And the wallet also matches the color of the right leather accessories in the perfect style. If you choose black leather, you're doing everything right with this purse from SERASAR.

  1. Match the metal

It's similar to leather with metals: Make sure that the belt buckle and watch, for example, match. A shiny gold watch when the belt is made of matt silver? Not a good idea, because this inequality is obvious. If everything fits together, it results in a harmonious and uniform look.

Once you have coordinated your watch and belt, you can complement your style with a matching bracelet - as long as you keep the metal in mind here too. A black leather bracelet with a stainless steel clasp from SERASAR can add another highlight to your outfit if you have also chosen this color and material combination for the other accessories.

  1. Don't be afraid of jewelry

Jewelry is no longer just reserved for women: necklaces, pearl bracelets or rings also make a good impression in a classy and casual men's outfit. They can peek out discreetly under a shirt or sweater or be worn as a statement, for example if you don't button the shirt all the way or roll up the sleeves.

As always, the following applies here: Pay attention to high quality - especially if you are wearing a necklace that is visible at first glance. A leather necklace with a pendant can be a visual highlight. Again, keep an eye on the color of the remaining accessories so that you don't break the look.

  1. The right watch for your outfit

A watch is more than just a means of telling time: it can shape your style, it can be a status symbol, it can also just serve as a subtle addition. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that there will be many people checking your watch to get an impression of you. If you wear a very expensive model on your wrist, it makes a statement. A poorly made watch can have exactly the opposite effect.

If you want to use a watch as a simple and stylish element of your outfit, the “BLACK ONE” from SERASAR fits perfectly into your concept. It's slim enough to fit under any shirt and the black leather strap creates a classy but understated look. With a watch in this style you are making a good choice if - as you have probably already internalized - it matches the rest of the accessories in terms of color and material.

  1. Stop at the right place

Even though there are so many cool accessories that you might like to include in your look, it is also crucial for your outfit that you know when enough is enough. Especially when it comes to jewelry, take a close look at whether a ring is too much for a leather bracelet. Whether the chain is too thick together with a noticeable belt. Or maybe a perfect match?

Give yourself time to test different options and get feedback if it's really important that your look fits. The more often you use the pieces consciously and skillfully, the easier it will be for you to spend time with yourself - and then the right accessories will ensure a really good appearance.

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