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Article: Style guide: How do I combine a bracelet with a watch?

Styleguide: Wie kombiniere ich ein Armband mit Uhr?

Style guide: How do I combine a bracelet with a watch?

You have been wearing a watch for a long time and have now bought a beautiful bracelet or perhaps received it as a gift? Of course you are now wondering how you can combine these two accessories well with each other. There are also a few guidelines regarding color and material - so that the watch and bracelet look harmonious and stylish!

The golden rule is that there are no rules. Anything you like is allowed! Color, material, left or right: So pay attention to comfort and practicality in everyday life.

You can wear your bracelet on both the left and right!

Wear the bracelet on the same wrist as your watch. So probably left. The advantage of a leather strap is obvious: the soft material won't scratch your watch! If you wear the bracelet on your dominant hand (i.e. where the watch is), your bracelet will definitely attract everyone's attention.

Of course you can wear your SERASAR bracelet on the other side. This is where balance is important: a large watch means a large bracelet, a small watch means a narrower, more inconspicuous bracelet. Just as important as the style of the bracelet is the comfort! Unlike your dominant hand, the bracelet doesn't bother you when writing or doing other activities that you, as a right-handed person, carry out with your right hand.


The correct bracelet size depends on your height

Before you start combining, you should make sure you choose the right leather bracelet!

Choose a men's bracelet that suits your size: smaller bracelets fit thin wrists. Are you tall and athletic? Then go for a larger bracelet. A bracelet should also fit properly! Nothing is more uncomfortable than a bracelet that is too tight. And if it slips, it wears out very quickly.


Combining a bracelet and watch is not complicated!

Imagine an orchestra when combining the leather bracelet and watch. An instrument alone can play a few notes - but the melody comes from a combination of individual instruments. And that's exactly how it should be if you wear a watch and a men's bracelet at the same time: no piece should steal the show from the other! So how do you combine colors and materials so that you look stylish and modern and your accessories also match your clothes?


  • Tone on tone: Whether you wear a modern or a classic watch - the bracelet can reflect your style and color. Do you wear a classic silver wristwatch? Then it's best to choose a leather bracelet in silver. With this basic rule you can't go wrong!
  • Contrast: Do you like contrasts? Do you wear white sneakers with a linen sweater? Then surprise with a bracelet that stands out! The right size is important here: If the bracelet is too narrow, it will sink; if it is too wide, your watch can quickly fade into the background.
  • Style mix: Just because your watch is a classic model doesn't mean you can only combine it with classic accessories. If you like different styles, go wild! The only important thing is that you don’t combine more than 3 colors and materials.


No stress: bracelet and watch fit at work and after work

The answer is very simple: the bracelet and watch combination goes with everything. No matter whether during the day in the office with a noble business look, in the evening after work or at a business lunch, but also when meeting friends or taking a walk with your family. When combined correctly, you can wear your watch with a bracelet at any time!


High-quality leather bracelets from SERASAR

At SERASAR you will find high-quality leather bracelets with magnetic clasps that will perfectly complete your outfits. Choose the color that suits you (and your watch!) and create a style that fits in the office but also in the cinema! From simple black leather bracelets to eye-catching, two-tone men's bracelets, we offer everything! Our simple bracelets in particular are made to be worn with men's watches. Wearing a watch with a leather strap is child's play!

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