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Article: Nappa leather: Advantages and care of the noble material

Nappaleder: Vorteile und Pflege des edlen Materials

Nappa leather: Advantages and care of the noble material

High quality, an elegant look and, with the right care, real longevity: Nappa leather has many advantages. You can buy wallets, shoes, leather jackets or even a sofa made from this material. Here you can find out what is important when using it.

Characteristics of Nappa leather

Nappa leather is chrome-tanned smooth leather that still contains full grains or natural pores. This leather has not been separated from the grain layer, which is why it is the strongest and most durable form of leather. If the natural structure of the scars and pores is roughened, the term nappa leather is no longer permitted.

The special quality of nappa leather can be seen and felt: it is particularly soft and supple. It is usually leather from calf, but there is also nappa leather from sheep and, more rarely, from other animal species. What all nappa leather has in common is that it is a particularly breathable and open-pored material. It is a fine, smooth leather that is usually the highest quality version of products compared to other types of leather.

The name comes from the Napa Valley in the USA, a wine-growing region in Napa County in California.

Use of nappa leather

Since nappa leather is a high-quality and durable material, it is no wonder that it is used in a variety of ways and is popular with customers. For example, there is a lot of furniture made from nappa leather - a sofa made from nappa leather is a real highlight that can accompany you for a lifetime.

But nappa leather is also popular for clothing and accessories and is always a good choice: leather jackets, belts, shoes and wallets made from this material guarantee a chic look and long-lasting quality. The wallets from SERASAR are also made of nappa leather - so you can be sure that you are choosing a product made from the finest leather.

Properly care for nappa leather

Even if your favorite pieces made of nappa leather can theoretically last you a lifetime, it also depends on proper care. Leather is similar to our skin; it contains fats that keep the leather soft and supple. However, these are lost over time, which is why it is important to grease the leather sufficiently to maintain its high quality.

How often and intensively you should do this depends of course on the product and how it is used: Shoes that you wear regularly and that get wet sometimes require more frequent care than, for example, wallets that are always safe are stored in the bag.

To clean the nappa leather, first use a dry cloth to remove dirt and residue from the surface. Then it's great to apply a care product made for the purpose. It is usually a fatty cream that you work well into the nappa leather to provide it with the necessary nutrients. Then let the leather dry thoroughly so that everything can be absorbed and take effect. Your favorite piece of nappa leather will then be ready for use again.

Should you waterproof nappa leather?

Nappa leather is a material with an open-pored structure. Therefore the surface is not waterproof. If you have shoes made of nappa leather, it helps if they are treated and impregnated with the appropriate product before wearing them for the first time. Repeat this regularly, but not too often, to maintain the good quality of the nappa leather shoes.

It is important that you use a suitable waterproofing spray and apply it from a sufficient distance. Otherwise, you may end up with stains that you won't be able to get rid of easily. Because care products are quickly absorbed into the open-pored nappa leather and can no longer be rubbed in. So make sure you use the spray correctly so that you can enjoy your nappa leather for a long time.

You can do the same with a leather jacket made of this material to protect it from rain and other environmental influences. If you buy other products made from nappa leather - such as wallets or belts - waterproofing should not be necessary. It is enough if you use a care product occasionally and as needed to provide the best possible care for your nappa leather product.

You can find our nappa leather wallets here.

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